Announcement #1:
Here is the schedule of tutorials for the next two weeks:
– 08 April [Monday]
  - 10:00-11:00am – BitBucket Tutorial
  - 11:00am-12:00pm – Intro Android and iOS Tutorials
– 10 April [Wednesday]
  - 10:00-11:00am- BitBucket Tutorial
  - 11:00am-12:00pm – Intro Android and iOS Tutorials

– 15 April [Monday]
  - 10:00-11:30am – Advanced Android and iOS Tutorials
  - 11:30am-12:00pm – Basecamp Tutorial
– 17 April [Wednesday]
  - 10:00-11:30am – Advanced Android and iOS Tutorials
  - 11:30am-12:00pm – Basecamp Tutorial

Announcement #2:
Reminder: Part of your grade in this course is the tutorial assignments you are required to submit during the tutorial weeks of class. It is 5% of your grade, see your course syllabus.

Announcement #3:
Deadline to submit the first version of the SRS will be from 15 – 19 Apr 2019.
All teams have until midnight of 19 Apr (Fri) to send their SRS via e-mail to Doctor Concepcion.
All QA teams must join a development team in writing the SRS. QA team for Monday group will join any project in the Monday group and QA team for Wednesday group will join any project in the Wednesday group.

Announcement #4:
Today is the First day of the 4 Week-Sprint to deliver the First Prototype On 13th-17th of May.

Officially, today we change from a class, CSE 455, to a mock software company, CSE 455, Inc.

Lab attendance will be done by the PM or APM starting today. At the end of the lab period e-mail me the “Attendance Report” containing any team member who is absent, including PM and APM. If everyone was present, the report will say “No Absence”.

Inform your QA team that you’re ready for testing and they’ll access your repo and being the testing process.

Announcement #5:
To All PMs,
Through the courtesy and help from Sunny, you now have access to your respective repos. Store all your software artifacts (SRS, SPMP, Software Design, source code, executables, Maintenance Manual, etc.) in your repo. If it’s not on the repo, you haven’t completed/submitted your work.
Check if you have access to your repo and pass the privilege (read or write) to the members of your team.

For Know&Vote team, Gabe, your Consultant, will decide how the team will access your repo.

For CaseAide team, Alan, your Consultant, will decide how the team will access your repo.

Announcement #6:
Dr. Nicholas Navaroli, CSE Alumni 2009, will be visiting our class on 29th April (Monday), and giving a short talk about his experiences.

He graduated with BS in Computer Science and Minor in Mathematics in 2009. After CSUSB, he graduated with a MS from UCI in 2011and then with PhD in 2014 (dissertation was on Machine Learning modeling for various types of email communication behavior). He Interned with Google in Irvine office on summers of 2011 and 2013, and was hired as a Software Engineer at end of 2014.

Currently he is a Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead in a team of about 7ish software engineers. They Control the search engine for anything Google Support (eg: and some internal tools for sales clients.

Announcement #7:
Jose Banuelos graduated on June 2017 with the B.S. Computer Science degree. He took CSE 455 in the winter quarter of 2016 and worked on RoomQuest (now CoyoteQuest) app. The team took RoomQuest from a PDF loading application to a GIS application.

His role was a software engineer in the team and helped code the Android version using Esri’s ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android. He is a Programming Specialist in Esri and started working at there in January 2018.

Announcement #8:
SQAP document will be due on Mon (13 May) midnight. It should contain all the test cases to be used to test each function (use case) in the SRS. Each QA team should have “read” access to all repos in your group (Mon and Wed). If you have any issues let the CEO know about this asap. Plan to have multiple test cases for each function. Note that your mission is to crash the app so we know that the prototype is not yet ready to be delivered.

Announcement #9:
Software Architecture and Design document will be due when you have passed QA testing. The design and coding phase is cyclic. You may design a little and code a little bit. You are modifying your design or code alternately depending on whether the design needs to be adjusted to the current code or code needs to be adjusted to the current design.

For those teams who are continuing projects and therefore already have previous Software Architecture and Design document, you need to add to the document what you did for this spring. Be sure to distinguish what you’ve added and what you’ve modified in the previous document.

Announcement #10:
To All PMs, APMs, and QA TLs,

All development teams will give the following metrics to your respective QA teams:

1. #faults/KLOC: collect your team’s number of faults per thousand lines of code from your unit testing, integration testing, and system testing.

2. LOC/hr: collect the total lines of code the team has produced so far and divided it by the total number of hours spent in producing the code. This time includes everything from the time you started the software architecture & design to the last line of coding to complete the app.

The QA teams will include this information in their Test Report for prototype 2.
Good luck on the last iteration of your project and wish everybody well in the finals day.

Announcement #11:
To All PMs and APMs,

I want to receive feedback (e-mail) from your clients regarding their evaluation of prototype 1. Send them APKs or instructions on how to run the app on emulators so your clients can see prototype 1 running. Incorporate their feedback to prototype 2.